Bra Line Back Lift

Bra Line Back Lift

The Bra Line Back Lift is a specialized procedure developed to treat excess skin, folds, and rolls in the mid back area.* This area is problematic for many patients, and until about ten years ago, there was not a great solution. The Bra Line Back Lift was invented by one of Dr. Flugstad’s mentors, Dr. Joseph Hunstad.

The Bra Line Back Lift is a procedure that removes excess skin and fat in the mid back, which is the only way to treat significant laxity in this area.* This procedure is designed to address the unwanted extra skin, and conceal the scar beneath the bra strap or bathing suit top.* Many patients find the Bra Line Back Lift gives a dramatic outcome, resulting in a smooth, taut back.*

Are you a candidate for Bra Line Back Lift?

Excess skin and fat in the mid back can cause a lumpy appearance under shirts and dresses. Not only does this bother women, it can make the bra fit uncomfortably as well. Many women may feel self-conscious about the way they look because of this problem. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your mid back, you may be a candidate for Bra Line Back Lift.*

What happens during a Bra Line Back Lift?

The Bra Line Back Lift is most often performed under general anesthesia. The area of skin removal is carefully marked by your surgeon prior to surgery. The procedure itself is about two hours in length, and involves the removal of skin and underlying fat of the mid back. Once the procedure is over, you will be able to go home the same day. Typically, no drain is needed, and dressings are minimal. The final scar is concealed under the bra strap.

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What is involved in Bra Line Back Lift recovery?

Recovery from the bra line back lift procedure lasts several weeks.* You will need a few days off work to recover at home.* You can shower the day after surgery.* Arm movement, lifting, and reaching restrictions are needed for a couple of weeks.* You can resume light exercise within a few weeks, and any weight lifting or more strenuous jobs after a month or so.* We will follow your recovery and allow you to increase your activity level as appropriate.

The Bra Line Back Lift is an exciting, relatively new procedure, and it consistently delivers fantastic results.* It is probably the most effective method to treat back rolls, overhanging folds, and extra skin on the mid back.* The best way to find out if you are a candidate for the Bra Line Back Lift is to schedule a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons.

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* Individual results and patient experience may vary.

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