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Pregnancy, weight fluctuations, gravity, and breastfeeding all take their toll on your breasts and body. A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a plastic surgery procedure that reshapes and lifts droopy breasts. Our experienced surgeon at Flugstad Plastic Surgery performs breast lift surgery in Seattle to restore youthful, lifted, round, breasts.

Why choose Flugstad Plastic Surgery for a breast lift?

As Bellevue’s premier plastic surgeon for cutting-edge cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Nicholas Flugstad is widely recognized as being among the Northwest’s most talented breast surgeons, beloved for his deep commitment to patient care and natural-looking results. Dr. Flugstad is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and fellowship-trained in aesthetic surgery.

Breast Lift Seattle

Are you a good candidate for a breast lift?

If you are a healthy individual who doesn’t smoke and maintains your weight, but your breasts have lost their shape and firmness, you may be a candidate for a breast lift in Bellevue.

A breast lift may be performed in conjunction with breast augmentation if you feel your breasts are too small, or if they have lost volume due to weight loss or breastfeeding. During your procedure, Dr. Flugstad can correct overlarge areola (the dark skin around the nipple) and alter nipple location for a pert, youthful look.

What’s right for me?

During your consultation at Flugstad Plastic Surgery in Bellevue, our surgeon will listen to your concerns about the appearance of your breasts and what you want to achieve with a breast lift procedure. He will carefully examine your breasts and explain the cosmetic improvements that can be achieved with a custom mastopexy surgery.

During your examination, Dr. Flugstad will speak with you about the results you can expect from your Seattle breast lift, including the new placement of your nipples. Every breast lift is a custom surgery, and Dr. Flugstad ensures his patients fully understand the procedure, what to expect in recovery, and the final results.

Seattle Breast Lift

What happens during a breast lift?

You’ve had a consultation and made your decision to move forward with surgery. But what is the sequence of undergoing a breast lift?

  • During surgery, our surgeon places incisions around the areola, vertically down the lower portion of the breast, and sometimes in the breast crease. Only a private examination will reveal which incisions will be required in your case.
  • The nipple and areola will be relocated to a higher position on the front of your newly-shaped breasts.
  • The breast tissue and skin are reshaped to create a pleasing, rounded breast mound.
  • If the areolas are too large, they are reduced in size for a more attractive look.
  • Sutures are carefully applied to close the incisions, giving the breast its new lifted, rounded contour. Sutures for a breast lift are self-absorbing.
  • If you have decided to undergo a breast augmentation in conjunction with your breast lift, breast implants are placed in a surgical pocket beneath the breast tissue or under the chest muscle.

The surgery takes approximately three hours and is usually performed while you are under general anesthesia.

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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19 View Update Virtual Consultation

Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

To our current and prospective patients:

We are aware of the current activity of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 in the region.

As always, safety and quality is paramount in our practice, as such we maintain rigorous cleansing actions to maintain an absolutely sterile environment. In addition to this we are closely following the Department of Health guidelines for prevention of the virus.

We are now seeing patients on a limited basis, based on urgency and need. We are prioritizing patients with active breast cancer and other medical issues that cannot wait. We are continuing to offer virtual consultation for those that request it.

Under strict sanitation protocols, we are continuing to operate our office, and office based surgical facility. We are welcoming all new and previous patients, provided you have no history of cough, fever, cold, or flu symptoms, or exposure to anyone with known COVID-19 in the past 2 weeks.

If you are feeling sick, you will need to call your primary doctor to see if testing in needed. We are performing procedures at the local hospital campuses on a limited basis. We do have the advantage of operating a Joint Commission accredited surgical facility within our practice, which we feel maximizes safety and limits exposure to infectious diseases such as COVID-19. We are continuing to perform elective surgery that is previously scheduled, on a case by case basis.

We will continue to keep you, our valued patients, updated on any changes.

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