Meet Renuva: The next generation in filler!

The new generation in filler technology is here! Renuva is an injectable adipose tissue matrix. What does that mean? Basically, Renuva is a product that is FDA approved for injection into areas where volume is needed. These areas include cellulite dimples or irregularities caused by tissue trauma or liposuction. Renuva can also be injected in the face where it acts as filler.* It’s also natural; it causes your body to fill in these areas with your own fat.* No liposuction required.

This product is great for adding volume to small areas of the body.* When larger amounts of fat are needed such as in breast surgery or Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, I recommend using traditional fat harvest and transfer methods. For me, Renuva represents a new and powerful tool in the world of fat transfer and fillers.

The chart below is meant for doctors who are learning about the product. It shows that Renuva contains the same specialized growth factors that your own fat contains; therefore, it can have similar effects to injecting your own fat. The difference is, with this product, no liposuction is required.

For more information about Renuva treatment in Seattle and Bellevue, please give us a call at 425-454-5133.

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* Individual results and patient experience may vary.

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