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This 42 year old mother of 2 wished to for improvement in her abdominal contour and correction of her deflated breasts. She had subfascial breast augmentation with 495 cc anatomic shaped silicone gel implants. She also had liposuction of her hips, waist, and abdomen, with a full abdominoplasty. She is very confident in her new shape and loves showing off her new wardrobe too!

Gender:  Female
Doctor:  Dr. Nicholas Flugstad
Mommy Makeover Before and After | Flugstad Plastic Surgery

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Dear patients, Dr. Flugstad has elected to close his practice until further notice. We will be continuing to do follow up care for our current patients, but we are not accepting any new patients.

Please DO wear a mask when you come to see us! Please keep in mind the following symptoms and DO NOT come to our facility if you have any of the following in the past 2 weeks:

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